What is a Parent Coach?

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As a Certified Leadership Parenting Coach, my goal is to help facilitate practices that lead to a more harmonious household. I work with parents who are experiencing challenges with their children by first identifying current missteps that may be unknowingly fostering undesirable behaviors, then developing a customized plan for parents to implement at home.  With guidance and support, I help parents refine strategies, mindsets, and routines that improve the overall quality of family life.



While every family has unique challenges, it is often helpful to see typical topics addressed during parent coaching sessions. This list is not all inclusive, and I'm happy to discuss your specific concerns and give an honest assessment if parent coaching would be a good choice for you.


The first order of business during a private coaching session is to complete an interview-based evaluation or questionairre of the family. Having this information will allow me to assess the overall picture of the family, pinpoint areas of concern, and determine the ultimate goal of the parents. Once completed, I will help the parents determine how to tackle their most pressing concern, develop a concrete plan to implement, and walk them through carrying-out this plan in their home.  During the implementation process, I will be available to parents to answer questions and assist with guidance and support. It's important to note that parent coaching sessions are designed to be temporary and typically do not exceed three sessions total. My goal is to provide parents with parenting leadership tools that span across multiple parenting topics and provide lasting results. 

Parent coaching works with parents, not children. While it may be appropriate for me to observe the children during the intial sessions of coaching, I do not engage with the children. Parent coaching is not therapy or psychiatry, it is teaching parents practical strategies. In short, as your parent coach, I would meet with you to gather information for evaluation, meet with you to teach you the strategies, and meet with you to refine your strategy implementation along the way. Ultimatley, a parent coach helps you be the parent you want to be, while raising happy, well-behaved children.

Coaching sessions are billed hourly and rates are available upon request via email or telephone. If you'd like to discuss futher details, please complete the contact request form (button below) and I will contact you via telephone. I look forward to speaking with you and hope I have the opportunity to be your parent coach.